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Learning Materials For The Study Of Piano, Theory and Composition

Dr. Lopez uses a broad variety of teaching materials.  These resources include method, technique, repertoire, sight-reading, theory, primary source materials including and especially works of the masters, and original materials by Dr. Lopez prepared and composed specifically for his students.  

The Lopez Music Center is an affiliate of Amazon (amazon.com) and Sheet Music Plus (sheetmusicplus.com).  All resources used by Dr. Lopez, except some of his original materials, are available at these popular online stores.  While students are welcome to go to these sites directly, the Lopez Music Center online store already has many of these books listed for easy access with direct links to pertinent product pages on Amazon and Sheet Music Plus.  This way students are spared the sometimes frustrating and arduous task of searching and selecting from among many seemingly similar choices.  

Users of the Amazon and Sheet Music Plus pages of the Lopez Music Center online store do not need to be registered users of the Lopez website or even a registered student with Dr. Lopez on the MyMusicStaff website.  Some of Dr. Lopez' materials are also available on these sites.  The remaining original materials of Dr. Lopez are only available to regestered website users or registered students, much of which Dr. Lopez distributes to his students for free.

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Piano Teaching Methods, Technique and Literature

Piano Teaching Methods

School For The Pianoforte 

School For The Pianoforte, out of the myriad of such books and in Dr. Lopez' view, is the best and only real method book to use.  Dr. Lopez will use other method books depending on what the student may be familiar with or that might better fit the temperament and learning style of the student.

Technique and Theory

Scales and Chords 

This section includes standard technique and keyboard theory books that Dr. Lopez uses.. 

Literature For The Developing Artist

Developing Artist 

The inclusion of masterful works calibrated to specific skill levels is central to any study of music.  One such series of books are those published by Faber & Faber under the Developing Artist Series titles: Piano Literature and Piano Sonatinas.

Methods Of The Masters

Methods Of The Masters 

Many masters of the Western European classical tradition have written their own "methods".  Works such as Bach's Two- and Three-Part Inventions, Bartók's Mikrokosmos, Kabalevsky's 24 Pieces For Children (Opus 39), and Burgmüller's 25 Progressive Pieces (Opus 100) are among the many of such works which integrate method, technique, and repertoire, an approach which Dr. Lopez introduces as soon as possible for each student.