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See Dr. Lopez In Action

Dr. Lopez' teaching style is one of joyful learning, gentle critique, exhorting students to high expectations, and emphasis on selfless sharing.  Central to Dr. Lopez' philosophy is the integration of performance, teaching and composing.  For him, he cannot have one without the others.  Indeed, maintaining this "holy trinity" of music disciplines is consistent with the living example of the masters who have paved the way for us into the future.

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Dr. Lopez' "Holy Trinity" In Practice



See the video.

Here you can see how Dr. Lopez works with a beginning student.  This student's attention span required short learning sessions of about one 20-minute lesson a week.  For such students, two or three such short lessons per week would be ideal. 


Beginning Student Recital 

See the video.

Sharing with others what one has learned is an essential ingredient.  Here Dr. Lopez assists a beginning student during a first performance.  Notice the reassuring, supportive and nurturing presence that Dr. Lopez brings to the student. 


Setting an Example 

See the video.

Dr. Lopez encourages his students to explore and experiment with sound, but always within the context of the students' current knowledge base. By setting an example in performance and composition, Dr. Lopez encourages  and challenges his students to excel and to always reach for something that may yet be a bit beyond their grasp.