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Learn More About Music Lessons Taught By Dr. Lopez

Dr. Lopez teaches piano. composition and theory at all levels.  Review the details below.

Registered users can access their lessons accounting page through a secure login.  Lesson scheduling, bills, invoicing, practice logs, and more are available on the secure site.

   User_login_Icon_48.png    Login To Lesson Accounting.  By clicking this login control you will be taken to a secure website on a different domain hosted by MyMusicStaff.com.  Online payments will be handled on the MyMusicStaff.com website through PayPal.

Dr. Lopez also mentors and prepares students to take the Certificate of Merit course evaluation administered by the Music Teachers' Association of California.  In all disciplines, from beginning to advanced, Dr. Lopez emphasises music literacy, analytical thought, and creative intuition.

  • Piano
  • Composition
  • Theory