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Payment Options At The Lopez Music Studio

The Lopez Music Studio (LMS) offers flexible payment options and methods.  By default, students/parents are not invoiced but with the understanding that lessons are to be payed for on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Each family or student can pay on a schedule that works best for them.  Typically, students pay for lessons at the end of the month for lessons given in that month as itemized on the Student portal Accounts and Invoices page.  By relying on this collaborative approach for lesson payments, the Lopez Music Studio is able to keep rates low and competitive by eliminating administrative overhead.  An essential part of this collaborative approach is for students and/or parents to monitor their Accounts page and to timely submit payments online via PayPal.  

Registered users can access their lessons accounting page through a secure login.  Lesson scheduling, bills, invoicing, practice logs, and more are available on the secure site.

     User_login_Icon_48.png   Login To Lesson Accounting.  By clicking this login control you will be taken to a secure website on a different domain hosted by MyMusicStaff.com.  Online payments will be handled on the MyMusicStaff.com website through PayPal.

Here are some example payment schedules, and each family or student can select which option works best.  

  1. Semimonthly Pay-As-You-Go: pay for lessons twice a month around the 15th and 30th for the previous two weeks of lessons.
  2. Lesson Pay-As-You-Go: The basic "pay-as-you-go" process is to pay for each lesson after each lesson.  This might be the preferable schedule for students who take one or two lessons per month.  For students who have weekly lessons, the Monthly Pay-As-You-Go schedule might be a better option.  
  3. Monthly Payment In Advance.  Some prefer to pay monthly to avoid the hastle of writing checks every week.  Often students/parents may prefer to pay in advance at the beginning of the month.  While this is acceptable, the Lopez Music Studio does not prefer this approach.  If payment is received in advance, but a student gets sick and has to miss one or more lessons, then the prepaid lessons will need to be rolled over to the next month.  However, this adds additional administrative overhead which the LMS generally tries to minimize or avoid.
  4. Monthly Pay-As-You-Go.  To keep things simple, the standard approach is to "pay-as-you-go" on a monthly basis., i.e., at the end of the month when all lessons have been given.  
  5. Payment Method.  The Lopez Music Studio prefers online payment via PayPal.  Any method of payment will of course be accepted and entered into the Lopez Music Studio Lessons Portal where you can double-check the accounting for all lessons. However, again to minimize administrative overhead of the LMS, please consider using the online PayPal payment method exclusively.


To Pay Online

1. Login to the Lopez Music Lessons Portal: 

Secure Private Site:  Your login credentials were sent to you previously.  

  • Login directly from MyMusicStaff.com:


2. Go to Accounting & Invoices: 

 Click on Accounting & Invoices in the left menu.


3. Make a Payment: 

 Click on Make a Payment (green button) if a balance is due.