Beginning Certificate of Merit Preparatory Level Exercises

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 by Peter Dickson Lopez | Uncategorized

I have added three sets of exercises to the Downloads page.  In order to access these files, users must be registered and logged in: https://login.mymusicstaff.com/Student/Library.aspx These are listed under the Piano Technique/CM - Preparatory Level folder.  These are exercises I have developed and use on a regular basis.  I am developing so many of these, that rather than continue to do this by "rote" memory, I have decided the time has come to put these down in a form that students can reference and study.

  • Five Sticky Fingers Exercises.  I previously called these "Five Finger Exercises.  I learned the basic exercise from my first teacher, Theodore Gorbacheff, when I was a child.  He was a Russian classical pianist and choral conductor.  This basic exercise has stayed with me all these years, and I have elaborated on this exercise in the current exercise set.
  • Pentatonic Cluster Exercises.  I previously called these "Five Finger Cluster Exercises".
  • Pre-Scale Exercises, C Major.  These are new and derive from the observation that most students (children and adults alike) have a hard time coordinating fingering for scales.

I will continue to add exercises and study pieces in the library downloads area.  In particular, I am compiling and organizing Certificate of Merit technique materials specifically for my students in order to enhance and further build their essential technical skills pursuant to one's own level.