March 2016 Recital at Crowden

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 by Peter Dickson Lopez | Uncategorized

I am pleased to announce that we have finalized a date, time and location for the March 12, 2016 recital at Crowden Music Center in Berkeley.  Please save the below details and reserve your calendar for this recital.


The Crowden School (Dalby Room)

Address: 1475 Rose St, Berkeley, CA 94702 


Date: March 12, 2016

Time: 6:30 p.m.


6:30 p.m.: Arrival, setup chairs, students try out piano

7:00 p.m.: Student recital begins

8:15 p.m.: Teacher Peter performs for students

8:30 p.m.: Reception and snacks, cleanup, put up chairs

9:00 p.m.: Exit, Lights out


For this recital, due to logistics of rental fees, insurance and other costs, there is a $20 per student fee for this event.  Guests and non-students are welcome to attend free.  I have set this event up on the calendar, and you will need to register for this event.  To register, please follow the below process steps:


Step 1.

Go to your student portal and open the calendar to March.

Calendar Registration 1.jpg


Step 2.

Click the Recital event.  A popup window displays the event details.

Calendar Registration 2.jpg



 Step 3.

Click the Register text button.  The Register dialog displays.

Calendar Registration 3.jpg

Step 4.

Click the green OK button.  Congratulations - you're done!